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The joy..
Friday, August 22, 2014 | 9:30 PM | 0 comment(s)
Its been awhile but i still miss my camp. i miss the joy n fun in the dorm, in the teamwork between us, n the activity n so on.
in plkn u'll treasure every moment u hv in yr dorm whether to eat or to sleep or to gossip. bcs basically u dont hv much time strolling in yr dorm except for weekends or cuti umum. life in plkn was fun yet tiring.

Conclusion: plkn life was indeed fun hanging around with a bunch of friends from all over malaysia n from different races. We learnt to respect each other n live together for 3 months in peace. If u were lucky enough to be the chosen one , dont give up on this once in a lifetime opportunity :) u may be scared for the first few days ((I  hv to admit , i secretly cried for nearly 10 days until i get used to the life there n totally immersed in it)) Dont give up on plkn n use studies as an excuse . u get to study whenever u want but plkn is just once in a lifetime. we actually get paid having fun there RM 150.00 / month. so enjoy yr precious moment there. I bet ure gonna love plkn like me. ugh i miss

Love, ten