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Thank you
Saturday, June 20, 2015 | 10:56 PM | 0 comment(s)
15 july, started to be best friend at the same time know each other better. who wouldve ever tot from stranger, he end up be this important person to me.

day by day knowing him, im the happiest girl. he always reminds me of how much beautiful i am to him. how much he loves me everyday. that was the day i felt, i'll not ask for more. he more than enough. he could be my best friend, my soulmate & my everything. u dont know how grateful i am for having him in my life.

Thru all these days, we hv been thru a lots of things. block, delete, run far away from him, argument, misunderstanding, but in the end we still be able to be in each other arms. not easy to be this far. sometimes i already felt like giving up but nothing can change my loves toward him. i'll still keep choosing him over & over. after hurt by hurt, he taught me how to be strong, how to remain sabr with every situation, how to handle my ego, my anger.

im not gonna regret knowing him & let him be a part of my life. what can i say now, since the day 1

tq for comforting me by telling me i can do better, tq for making me feel better when i feel like giving up, tq for giving me yr love, tenderness & trust. tq for sharing yr life with me every day. tq for understanding me when one else can. tq for letting me feel so much like myself when im with u. tq for sharing in my happiest moment, for listening to my saddest stories & radiating compassion. tq for being the only person i ever want to confide in. tq for the absolute privellige & honor of being able to call u my best friend, my fav guy, my soulmate. tq for showering me with happiness & endless laughter (without u realize) tq for being my person. tq for giving me these reasons & a million more, to be thankful for. & in this reality that we’ve met & beside me thru all the good & bad times i hv to say thank u so much for everything.

thank you for 355 days of the love that i will cherish for the rest of my life. all the daysof waiting, to see him from a cheeky boy to a man, it was all worth it.

u know who u r.....

Love, ten